We’re creating a smarter, greener energy future, today

Pioneers in Green Energy

Power, unity, and commitment to green energy – that’s why we exist.

Our vision

Driving the Green Energy Revolution in Cyprus. 

We’re not just imagining a future fueled by renewable energy – we’re creating it. Our mission is to integrate renewable energy into every aspect of our society, setting the pace as a leading supplier and producer of clean, green energy.


“Shaping a greener future, today.

Abio Power Ltd is committed to transforming Cyprus into a sustainable, eco-friendly powerhouse.”

– Dr. Irakli Bukhiashvili • CEO @ Abio Power


Empowering Your Green Energy Journey. Our suite of services is designed to make green energy accessible, profitable, and sustainable.

  • Development and Maintenance of Large Scale Solar Photovoltaic Parks
  • Harnessing Power from Renewable Energy Sources
  • Expert Consultation for Green Energy Investments
  • Power Off-Take from Renewable Energy Plants
  • Supply of Renewable Electricity
  • Financing Solutions for Green Energy Investments


About us

Leading the Charge towards a Greener Future.

At Abio, we’re more than just a renewable energy company.

We’re a team of innovators, dedicated to expediting the green energy mission in Cyprus.

By developing and managing utility-scale renewable energy parks, we’re turning sustainable electricity production from a dream into a reality.

As operators of renewable energy assets, we constantly integrate cutting-edge innovation and expand our portfolio of projects, delivering environmental and economic benefits to our customers.

With us, you can power your life at the best possible rates.


Project name



Our goal

Turning Cyprus Green.

Our goal goes beyond our services – we’re determined to make a significant contribution towards green development in Cyprus.

Together, we can make our nation a beacon of sustainability.


Let’s talk

Feel free to reach out to us regarding any inquiries or questions you may have about our company, services, or anything related to our green energy solutions. We understand the importance of prompt communication, and our dedicated team will make every effort to provide you with a timely response. Your feedback and thoughts are valuable to us, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to assisting you and discussing how we can contribute to a sustainable future together.